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Introducing New Habits

*This post is written as part of a collaboration with HabitAware. I am not earning any commission based off this post.*

Something I have struggled with, for literally over 20 years, is pulling my hair out. I’m not talking about those silly cartoon moments, where a character is “pulling their hair out” because they’re frustrated. This is something that’s much more in-depth, and more serious. Hair-pulling falls under the category of Body-focused repetitive behaviours or BFRBs, for short. This also includes nail-biting, and skin picking, etc.

Now, why am I sharing this? Why am I being so open about it, when it’s something that I’m extremely ashamed of? Because, I’m done being ashamed. I’m done feeling alone. Something that started way back, when I was 12, shouldn’t have such a stronghold over my daily life anymore. For some people, who don’t fully understand the complexity of BFRBs, it’s easy to just say that I need to stop. But, it’s not that simple, as there are multiple factors and triggers.

So, over the course of the next 12 months, I will be posting regularly about my experience with my hair-pulling, through the filter of my recent partnership with HabitAware. Essentially, I reached out to them, asking if they’d be open to collaborating with me, as their program aligns so well with my whole surthrivability concept. I was actually quite surprised that they were willing to do so, as I’m very new to the social media game/blogging. Pretty sure I had about 30 followers on Instagram, so the fact that they’re putting their faith in me makes me even more determined to do this properly.

After we had agreed upon what I would do in exchange for their product, I received their Keen2 band. I was really surprised with how quickly it arrived, and also how easy it was to set up. Their app walks you through everything, in very clear, straightforward steps. They also email you, letting you know what to do next, etc. In the app, it’s simple to connect your device, and then train it to recognize your personal BFRB habits. You can change how sensitive the tracker is, how wide the range is, and how persistent the vibration warning is. Bonus: the band also shows the date and time, and tracks your steps, too. So, it’s quite subtle, and no one really needs to know what it’s really for, if you don’t want them to.

Part of my bundle also includes 3 peer-to-peer sessions. I highly recommend that you do this… I just had my first one with Aneela today. She explained how the company began, gave me tips and tricks on how to best utilize my Keen2, and also listened to my story. That was the biggest part for me… she genuinely cares about my journey, and wants to help me be successful.

Another major part of our conversation was discussing the importance of finding balance between spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Of course, these are also the major pillars of surthrivability. When one area is deficient, then we’re out of whack and imbalanced. Throughout my journey with my Keen2, I will be focusing on different aspects of retraining my brain, as well as struggles and successes I face during this time.

I’d love to hear from you, if you struggle with BFRBs too, or not. Even if you don’t, if there’s something you struggle with, please reach out to me. I am not a replacement for professional help, but I would love to support & encourage you during your own journey ❤️

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